Freedom Fone & CDAC Media & Tech Fair

An Ignite presentation of Freedom Fone for Crisis Reporting was made by Fran Boon at the CDAC organised Media & Tech Fair in London March 22, 2012. 

Fran Boon presents Freedom Fone at the CDAC conference Mar 22, 2012

The presentation covered the use of Freedom Fone during a crisis, looking at the growing penetration and use of mobile technology and how to integrate approaches and technologies to provide a rapid crisis relief and warning. 

Fran Boon works for the Sahana Eden project that is looking to integrate Freedom Fone with the Sahana Humanitarian Response and Management system and would include the use of voice for early warning systems and retrieving information from the field. Nuwan Waidyanatha of LIRNEasia compiled a case study of the field tests using Freedom Fone in Sri Lanka.

Download a copy of the presentation or have a look at the live Ignite presentation on Youtube