Freedom Fone meets the World Cup in SA

I'm on the road in South Africa for the next 8 days to spread the gospel according to Freedom Fone v 1.6.

I have enough equipment with me to start a computer booth at any of the 3 airports I'll be passing through this week. All I need is a World Cup pennant, a few flags, a big smile and I'll fit right in.

Not having tickets to any of the big games poised to kick off over the time I'm here, I wasn't too sure that coming south over the World Cup was a Good Idea. But, so far so sweet. It's fun to be surrounded by the hype and the press of eager young people who are determined to give you everything from free Coca Cola to sim cards. I've got flu, so I passed on the free Coke, but grabbed 4 free sim cards for the Freedom Fone demos that lie ahead.

South Africans have really raised the bar for themselves over this tournament. Now we know they can be Very Friendly if they want to be!

Version 1.6 is officially ready - sorry to be a bit behind on making it available from the website. I hope to remedy that in a day or two - in fact as soon as I park my suitcase in Grahamstown! It's looking great.