December 2009

How does FreeSWITCH compare to Asterisk?

Open source telephony platform, Asterisk, has been used for years as an inexpensive alternative to proprietry PBXs, democratising this previously closed service industry. Why then did Freedom Fone choose to use FreeSWITCH as its telephony component instead of Asterisk? Our Project Architect, Alberto Escudero Pascual, will answer that question in the new year, but until then clues lie in this comment from Telecom Monthly:


Mobile vs. Radio vs. TV vs. the Web

I recently found a very interesting article by Kevin Randall from Fast Company "The Boob-Tube, Not YouTube, Is Transforming the World". This is a good opportunity to clarify a bit where the Web Foundation stands in that discussion. In few words, the article is about the power and impact of the Web on Social and Economic development, and how it relates to other medias, TV, mobile, radio..