Mobile vs. Radio vs. TV vs. the Web

I recently found a very interesting article by Kevin Randall from Fast Company "The Boob-Tube, Not YouTube, Is Transforming the World". This is a good opportunity to clarify a bit where the Web Foundation stands in that discussion. In few words, the article is about the power and impact of the Web on Social and Economic development, and how it relates to other medias, TV, mobile, radio..


Mobile Phone Penetration: Google Motion Chart Data Visualisation

Richard Heeks has entered the ITU data on mobile phone penetration for all countries from 1998-2008 into a Google Docs spreadsheet, and then added the Motion Chart visualiser. Makes for very interesting viewing. Read the article


A fast track to SMS success

A guide to getting SMS campaigns up-and-running in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of fuss. Read the article


Why it Matters that Pierre Omidyar is Launching a News Startup

Peer News -- a project aimed at creating the kind of local journalism that brings accountability and value to a community. Read the article


From compassion to action, from action to knowledge

So get pissed off and start a Facebook group. Launch a Twitter hashtag. Translate compassion into action. But realize that the most effective action probably involves aggregating and disseminating information, building knowledge and awareness that’s an asset even if it doesn’t lead directly to political change. Read the article by Ethan Zuckerman


CellStories - Short Stories on Your Mobile

Instead of cracking open a book, try sitting back with a short story on your phone. CellStories, which launched in September, offers a new short (1500-2500 words) story every weekday to readers on mobile phones. Read the article


ICTs as agents of change

Audio interview with leading UN voices on the value of technology in development and demo - It is technologies like mobile phones, which are being used by the United Nations to achieve its goals of development, says the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon. Read the article


Gender, ICTs, Human Development and Prosperity

It is posited that, despite the mainstream opinion that technology is gender neutral, cultural values and practices have more tended to exclude women from access to and power over different technologies. Read the article


Talking back to radio

Radio is often considered to be a one-way medium, but the African Farm Radio Research Initiative is investigating ways of combining radio and ICTs to gather content and to share information among farming communities throughout rural Africa. Read the article


Impact of ICTs on Repressive Regimes: Findings

My dissertation focuses on the impact of digital resistance on nonviolent political transitions. Digital resistance is a term I use to describe the convergence between civilian resistance and digital activism in countries with repressive regimes.