Community Radio Stations at AMARC10 positive about Freedom Fone

A big up to Farm Radio International's Nelly Bassily, for helping Freedom Fone to squeeze a workshop into the busy agenda at AMARC10 in La Plata, Buenos Aires today.

Nelly's networking and linguistic prowess delivered a meeting room equipped with projector and professional simultaneous translation in Spanish. She handily filled the role of impromptu simultaneous French translator, making it possible for many more people to follow my presentation.

Not to be outdone completely, my hand written posters and fliers brought an audience of 20 or more people from a variety of countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Chad, Kenya, Guinea-Conakry, Egypt, Haiti, Bolivia, Argentina and others. It was refreshing to see a good mix of men and women in the audience - a credit to the diversity of people empowered by the community radio movement.

Plenty of questions peppered the hour or more we spent together, making it clear to me that a hands on workshop would have been invaluable. Community radio stations understand the opportunity Freedom Fone provides to engage meaningful 2-way communications with surrounding communities.

If you'd like to support our work with community radio stations, here's how you could help:

  • assist with costs associated with organising and  running local training workshops
  • assist with localisation of user guides, training materials and the Freedom Fone user interface
  • assist with the purchase and distribution of GSM gateways in your country
  • help build local technical support and training for Freedom Fone users

Write to info [at] freedomfone [dot] org to get involved.