Financial contributions

Software support and development are an ongoing process. We have made a great start with the funds contributed by The Knight News Foundation and Internews Europe, but we are a long way from being done.

With the Version 1.5 installer now available, it has never been easier for social development organisations and disaster mitigation agencies to experiment with information outreach via voice menus.

As Freedom Fone starts to see use in the real world, we expect users to request enhancements, fixes and modifications. We need your help to build and maintain a team to respond to these requests.

Features currently in the pipeline and in need of your financial support include:

  • Integration with:
    • Ushahidi
    • FrontlineSMS
    • Sahana
    • CiviCRM
  • Voice menus
    • Data mining and graphical reporting on call data records (CDR)
    • Security for CDR records
    • Content rating/Poll integration into IVR
    • Text to Speech (TTS) enhancements
      • On the the fly conversion of RSS feeds to voice menu options
      • Development of free synthetic voices
      • User interface for installing and switching between synthetic voices
    • Scheduler for automatically switching in new content to default IVR menu
  • SMS handling
    • Publishing of Poll results to Content Management System (CMS)
    • SMS lookup from database of text/audio content - content returned via SMS/MMS/Callback
  • Leave-a-message
    • Export playlists of voice messages received via the Leave-a-message function
  • Callback and dialer improvements
    • Caller accounts
    • White/black lists
    • Micropayments towards callback costs
  • Localisation of user interface and documentation

We are also keen to produce the following versions of Freedom Fone:

  • Multi-tenant - allows one organisation to host voice menus for a number of other organisations.
  • Hosted - the equivalent of web hosting for Freedom Fone deployments - access via the internet to your account.