Freedom Fone - Appliance Version 2.0

Please note that this version is currently under development.

Features to be added to version 1.6 functionality:

1. Ongoing Internationalisation of user interface and documentation

2. Installer

  • ISO installer based on Remastersys
    The installer completely overwrites all data on the computer, replacing everything on it with the Ubuntu 10.04 operating system and all applications necessary to run Freedom Fone. Installation time is approx 15 minutes.
  • Installer script for source version

3. Additional functionality for existing components

  • Leave-a-message service
    Allow multiple live Leave-a-message voice menus to exist and provide a UI to associate these menus with voice channels
  • Voice menus
    • Allow multiple live Voice menus to exist and provide a UI to associate these menus with voice channels
    • Nested voice menus
    • Interruptable audio chapters (caller can jump out of a menu option and back to the menu instructions)
    • Create menu options from blocks of text (added Text to Speech functionality)
  • SMS handling
    • Export of Poll data to Comma Separated Values (CSV) file
    • Archive functionality for closed polls

4. New functionality

  • Phone book features for numbers that have called or SMS'd the service
  • Authentication system with two user roles (admin, staff)

5. System Management

  • GUI for managing global settings
  • GUI for mapping GSM devices/trunks and voice menus
  • Additional data mining of Call data records (CDR) with associated export to Comma Separated Values (CSV) file (Unique numbers added per day, total different numbers that have called the service)