Freedom Fone - Version 1.6.5

Note: Version 1.6.5 temporarily removes Callback functionality - this component is being rewritten for version 2.5 due in December 2010.

This is the fourth official release of Freedom Fone after 20 months of continous development. Pictus Lupinus LTS is a long term support release.


Download (Zimbabwe Mirror) the system replacement installer and experiment with it on your own computer. To test the SMS and voice menu features on your computer you will have to buy at least one MobiGater, a GSM device used to connect a SIM card to your Freedom Fone server.

Make sure to download the MD5 checksum to verify the integrity of the installer file here


There is currently a known bug with the installer of Freedom Fone that causes the user to be logged-out when the computer has a certain graphic card.

Steps to circumvent this issue:

When asked to select the keyboard layout, do not type in the input/test box. Select the appropriate keyboard and continue.

A number of bugs have been fixed since the release of the v1.6.5-01 distribution. To update, connect to the Internet and follow the instructions below:

Click on the “Terminal” icon (the small black screen icon in the bar towards the top of the screen)
[#enter password ‘lupinus’]

Then type the following into the terminal window

# sudo su
[#enter password 'lupinus']
# cd /usr/local/freedomfone/ 
# svn update 
# chmod 755 extras/ 
# sh extras/

** Please view our Known Bugs page for additional useful tips and information.


Features added to version 1.6.1 functionality: 

Thanks for your feedback! As a result of it, this version includes a few cool requested features:

  • BETTER LISTENING: We have updated the flash player and include the new audio flash player from the Word Press community, Code thanks to Martin Laine
    Flash support detection will warn users without Flash plugin in their browser
  • INTERRUPTABLE IVRs: Users can now interrupt a file played in an IVR by pressing any key.
  • NEWS ALERTS CHANNEL: We have include a RSS reader that connects to our development channel so you can keep updated of bug fixes and security updates!
  • NETWORKING AUTODETECION: New section in the Dashboard to help you setup the IP configuration of Freedom Fone. Freedom Fone autodetects the local and external IP address of your network. If you want to make Freedom Fone available to the outside world, select the external IP address and make sure that your router port-forwards port 80 to your internal server.
  • QUICK FEEDBACK: Our Leave-a-message (LAM) application now supports a basic and advanced mode. In basic mode users can just hangup the phone without having to listen to their recorded message. This option will help in countries with very noisy lines where DTMF tones are difficult to detect. In the advance version, LAM users who decide to finish their message with the # key, can still play, delete and save their messages.
  • EXPORTING AUDIO: Both the files uploaded and received by LAM can be played with the new built-in flash media player. Now, all files can be downloaded out of Freedom Fone so you can add them to your favourite player or broadcast them using any third party application.
  • MORE LOCALIZATION: Localization of Freedom Fone includes English, Swahili and Spanish and a language switcher to set your favourite language.
  • A Localization portal is ready to receive more translations! Register and localize Freedom Fone!
  • MORE AND BETTER DATA: Data mining of Call data Records
  • BUGS FIXED: Lots of bug fixed and hopefully less bugs introduced. :)

Tech Info

  • Localizers now have a chance to translate without string changes.
  • Freedom Fone v1.6.5 is built at the top of Ubuntu 10.04-01 LTS and kernel 2.6.32-24.
  • Software and security updates applied until 8 September 2010
  • Firefox updated to version 3.6.8
  • Freeswitch 1.0.6 with the recently upstreamed gsmopen channel

More on Network Auto-detection

From version 1.6.5 you do not need to edit any configuration files.

Freedom Fone tries to auto-detect your network configuration. Freedom Fone runs DHCP client by default but it is highly recommended to fix a IP address in your installation.

Audio files are streamed to the web browser, fixing an IP address will ensure that streaming works smoothly.

Go to Dashboard > Settings and select the appropriate IP for your setup.

Freedom Fone supports three different setups:

  • Standalone
    The audio files can only be played from the local machine: Select
  • LAN setup
    The audio files are available to any computer in your local network:
    Select your internal IP (typically 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x)
  • WAN setup (public internet)
    The audio files are available to any computer in the world! Select your external IP (autodetected) and make sure that your router is port forwarding port 80 to your internal IP address