Now available! Freedom Fone v1.5

Does your community need access to information but has limited or no access to the internet or email? Do you want to be able to share more information than 160 characters allows? Freedom Fone offers the possibility to extend the reach of information to citizens and groups presently excluded from the information loop because of lack of access to resources such as computers and the internet. It takes advantage of the cell phone’s role as an “access equaliser” to provide communities with the opportunity to create, listen to and act on information of immediate relevance to them.

Read all about Freedom Fone v1.5's features here.

Download the system replacement installer and experiment with it on your own computer. To test the SMS and voice menu features on your computer you will have to buy at least one MobiGater, a GSM device used to connect a SIM card to your Freedom Fone server.

Alternatively, you can go right ahead and play with all the features using our online demo.

Look through this power point presentation (216KB) for a little more information.