Technology overview

Freedom Fone is the result of three years of field experience with telephony information services for civil society. During these years we have learnt that there is enough technology to build almost anything we need. Sadly a lot of the technology out there is not very user friendly. With Freedom Fone we have taken a U-U approach to telephony technology and designed a system that wants to be "user and usability-centric".

Rather than presenting users with a million options to set up a telephony system, we have opted to design basic but powerful telephony applications that can be used with a great degree of flexibility. We have put special emphasis on the user interface and lowering the cost of interfacing with the GSM network.

Freedom Fone is built combining the power of several open source projects that include:  FreeSWITCH,  Spidermonkey,  PHP5,  Cake PHP and  JQuery. Freedom Fone uses  Cepstral, a text-to-speech voice engine to synthesize voice messages.

Freedom Fone's current features are described under the

version 1.0


version 1.5

feature sheets.

For a more technical view of the architecture view the schematics published on the Freedom Fone demo website.

Read more detail on the functionality of each of the 4 components on the Freedom Fone demo website.

If you would like to request a new feature to be included in a future version of Freedom Fone, please complete a New Ticket in our Trac's Ticketing System, remembering to select Feature Request (_feature_request) from the Component drop down menu when submitting your request.